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Professional design and consulting services

Seamless image editing, recompositing, enhancing subject isolation services.
Expert image editing services from wedding photo enhancement to product/subject isolation for consistent ecommerce display - we have the tools and expertise to deliver on time and on budget.

A picture says a thousand words

Images are such a vitally important aspect of the way we consume content digitally as well as in print form. A poorly graded image can ruin a feature article, put off a potential customer, or ruin a wedding day memory. 

We offer the following services:

We also offer these services:

To make it even easier for you, we’ve included many of these services in the appropriate web and print packages. If you require any of these services outside of one f our competitive packages, just let us know what you need: Let’s Chat

Product mockups for Print on Demand (POD)

Take a print design to prototype without the cost, with our design placement services. We can place your label, design or logo on any Print On Demand product, within a scene, on worn, held or placed products.

Product isolation & consistent placement

We can extract an image from its background seamlessly, reposition and deliver at a consistent colour mode (CMYK or RGB), resolution, optimisation width/height and file format to suit the requirement – print or digital.

We’re practised at batch processing and are able to export to multiple platforms for print and digital consistency. High res CMYK output for print and lower res RGB output for digital.

Subject isolation and recompositing

Expert subject extraction – cutting the image subject from the background. This service can be utilised to achieve a change in subject background, or to isolate the subject with either white or transparent background for use in print and/or digital/web compositions.

Whether you need to place a bride and groom in a new, romantic location, place a model in product-centric on or offline catalogue or place your product in a more attractive location, we can assist.

Stock/studio image use in promotional content

Tell a visual story with images. Using a convenient board array of stock imagery, we can help tell your story at lower costs. By isolating key elements from stock images, we can help your brand instantly appear more professional, attractive and engaging.

Blemish removal and enhancement

That treasured time in your life can be diminished by an unfortunately timed photo or an unfortunate skin outbreak. We can change that, with expert doctoring of photos, removing wrinkles, skin blemishes and pimples, bra straps, miscelaneous objects and even people.