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static websites | Blogs | Shopify | WooCommerce | WordPress | Dropshipping | Print-on-demand | Multi-channel-sales | KDP | Affiliate Marketing | SEO

Static Sites

Responsive website design using a free-form, unconstrained by theme, website building platform. We have experience in the tourism industry, construction industry, brewing industry, publishing, legal industry, arts, KDP self publishing, bookkeeping and professional services. Taking your project smoothly from concept to design, digital asset curation, assembly, deployment and launch. Check out our ‘One-Page-Wonder’ and ‘Getting Started’ packages.

Hybrid sites

This option combines a free-form web design platform with Shopify’s stability, payment processing, shipping profiles and discount codes. Connect your store to global sales channels like Amazon and eBay. Offer products from one base eCommerce platform, on multiple websites allowing you to test the thirst for a product without overcommitting. Sell your designs, ideas or photography on print-on-demand merchandise. Check out our ‘Make an impact’ package.

Ecommerce sites

Shopify and WooCommerce websites with multivariate products, global shipping profiles, print-on-demand, dropshipping and affiliate marketing. Perfect for direct-to-public manufacturers, distributors, retail, online retail, professional service providers and affiliate marketers. Boosting sales through multi-channel sales platforms like Amazon and eBay. Check out our ‘Make an Impact’ and ‘Online Sales’ packages.

Recent sites completed

Small business? Professional services? Home business? Dropshipping? Affiliate Marketing? Print on Demand?
Let’s start work on your online sales tool.

Image editing

Deep etching | clipping paths | batch processing | animated gifs | Composition | blemish removal | change background | digital artwork | product shots | product photography | product isolation | on-model mockups | on-product mockups

Stock image sourcing

Access volumes of high-quality images to boost your website, EDM campaign or publication. We can source and supply the images you need to create a highly professional look. Highly specific image sourcing requests such as location-based or product based images may require additional stock image services and therefore additional costs.

Check out our image editing services.

Image processing

Colour correction, cropping, resizing and output in the correct colour and file format for use. We can optimise a variety of file formats including Camera RAW, Gif, Video frames to stills, and image frames to Gifs. We can extract images from legacy documents, ‘lost’ web pages and PDFs.

Check out our image editing services.

Subject isolation

Selecting and extricating the subject from a background – preferably in high-resolution images on a white background, however other formats can be accommodated. Variables including volume, picture quality, picture resolution and file format will affect pricing and output quality.

Check out our image editing services.

Blemish removal

A photo can be ruined by a poorly timed blink, outbreak, expression or gesture. These and other factors can be digitally corrected. We offer removal of blemishes, wrinkles, evening skin tones. We can also remove elements of photos including people and objects, signage, logos etc.

Check out our image editing services.

Product & Model mockups

See what a design, statement, quip, or photo will look on a product or model. We can mockup on an isolated object like a mug or cap, or have the product be worn or held in a scene including a mode. We can also mockup products in video compositions. 

Check out our image editing services.

Background & subject swap

Have your high-resolution product shots isolated and repositioned to conform with product publishing requirements. You may also, have backgrounds removed or changed in studio shots, portrait shots and wedding photos.

Check out our image editing services.

Digital content

Website content is generally provided in text, image and video formats. We know it’s a daunting task to create this content from scratch, stock images and image manipulation can be expensive unless you’re proficient in these areas. We offer an all in one solution where stock images, product photography, product mocks, and written copy can be created to fit the purpose – transforming your website into a professional, SEO content rich and highly functional sales tool.

We offer the following services:

To make it even easier for you, we’ve included many of these services in the appropriate web packages.

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Mobile apps & web apps

Bring your mobile and web app dreams to life. Build on our experience and contacts, and have your app developed using world class developers. We can handle the app scoping, user personas, target demographic interviews, user interface (UI) designs, user experience (UX) designs, interface prototyping. We can also manage the project build (Project Management) and handle user acceptance testing (UAT) and bug reporting.

We offer the following services: