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Two cool styles to choose from:

Available in ceramic and enamel

A puzzle mug made just for scumbags, a$$holes and dirtbags ...
Not for lightweights ...

Cheat sheet made available after purchase if customer elects to receive updates in the checkout process.



introducing the

World's Dirtiest Mug

No matter how many times you wash it, it’ll always be a dirty, dirty mug ...

So how open minded are you really? We’re looking to test your boundaries, dance on your indignation and stomp all over your sensibilities.

This deceptively ordinary looking find-a-word mug will keep you busy for hours. With over 100 dodgy, saucy and downright dirty words and phrases, you will have to really stretch your naughty word vocabulary to find all of them. You may even learn a few! Only the dirtiest of us all will find all our naughty words!

This will make a super funny gift for friends and family of questionable character.


We do not take responsibility for any adverse reactions due to shock. Use at your own discretion!
Not for the faint hearted! You have been warned.

** No responsibility taken for spillage or snorting liquid through nasal cavities while using this product.

** Customers who check the box agreeing to marketing contact will receive a full list of the words on the mug via email … just in case you get stuck.

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Catherine D
Catherine DHappy with quality
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I had to look a few of these up and I thought I was open minded ... had my brother in law in stitches though. It's now his favorite mug! I should have bought 2.
Bev G
Bev GCamping trip must have
Read More
We got the enamel camp mug. Our camping trips have never been more hilarious. Hubby would never have found all the words without the cheat sheet!
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People who like find-a-words and puzzles keep coming up and trying to find words on my mug. When their eyes land on 'motherfucker', well, 'nuff said. Took a while to arrive in Australia tho.
Tanya and Steve
Tanya and SteveStill filthy
Read More
We keep washing it and it's still filthy! Lol! Waiting for a version #2 so we can keep the challenge going.

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