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Not every job we do is a large website or magazine. We create social media posts, social media feeds, digital advertising banners, print advertising, interface designs, image editing, photographic composition, illustration, book covers and more. How can we help you bring your business, project or campaign to life?

Website design

Make the right statement and engage with your audience with bespoke website design. With designs that seamlessly blend industry relevance, brand aesthetics, and targeted demographic appeal. We decode the language of your business, integrating established branding elements with strategic user experience design. Embracing the uniqueness of each project, our scalable designs provide not just a website but a strategic asset for sustained growth. Contact us today to initiate a conversation about your distinctive digital needs or explore our value-packed web packages.

Publication design & advertising

Transform your publications into captivating print and digital content with our expert publication design services. We specialise in creating visually stunning layouts for magazines, books, catalogues and corporate documents. We craft each page to ensure a harmonious blend of aesthetics and readability. From eye-catching cover designs to engaging interior layouts, we prioritise a seamless reading experience that keeps your audience engaged. Whether you’re publishing a lifestyle magazine, a corporate brochure, annual report or an academic journal, our designs are tailored to convey your message effectively. Contact us today for a consultation and let your content shine with our expert design touch.

Image editing

Turn the image you have into the image you need.  With expert doctoring of photos, we can isolate subjects, reposition, change backgrounds, remove branding, place branding, mockup designs, remove wrinkles, skin blemishes and pimples, bra straps, miscellaneous objects and even people. Contact us today to get those images you need in the right resolution, dimension, file and colour format.

Before After Before and after image correctionBefore and after image correction
Before After Before and after image correctionBefore and after image correction
Before After Before and after image correctionBefore and after image correction
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Before After
Before After

Package design and mock up

We specialise in transforming your products into captivating brand ambassadors, ensuring every package grabs the attention of the right demographic. Our approach goes beyond aesthetics; yes we integrate your existing branding seamlessly into every design, however we also consider shelf appeal, competition, product labeling requirements, product protection and shipping carton packing. Each element is meticulously curated to enhance brand recognition and consumer connection. At Ailebo Consulting, we understand that packaging is a tangible extension of your brand’s personality. Let’s collaborate to bring your brand to life through innovative and impactful package design.

LMS design

Ailebo Consulting can assist you wil Learning Management System (LMS) requirements. We specialise in crafting intuitive and engaging interfaces using Articulate Storyline, seamlessly combining functionality with visually appealing interfaces geared toward clear and effective learning. Our approach to LMS design involves a careful balance between learner needs, educational objectives, and  aesthetic considerations. Whether you need full e-learning modules created, incorporating audio, video, interaction and animation, or custom interactive assessments, we create interfaces that not only look visually compelling but also enhance the overall learning experience. Recognising the pivotal role of well-designed interfaces in shaping positive educational experiences, let us collaborate to transform your e-learning platform.

Iconography & info graphics

Crafting compelling iconography and info graphics requires a nuanced understanding of visual communication. At Ailebo Consulting, we specialise in visualising data and creating iconography and info graphics that encapsulate the essence of your message with simplicity. From evoking emotions to conveying complex concepts with clarity, each icon we design is a strategic piece of visual storytelling. Whether you seek icons for a mobile app, website, or brand identity, we can assist in creating new styles or extending existing suites with additional assets. EPS, AI, SVG, PNG and JPG file types can be supplied.

Social media feed design

Create engaging social media feeds that attract and engage your target market. We create designed feeds with exported sets of video, photo, graphic and carousel content in sequence, ready for you to post. Posts can incorporate text content, appropriate hyperlinks and hashtags for maximum traction. Minimum of 18 posts per designed post suite.

EDM (Email) and newsletter design

At Ailebo Consulting, we fuse creativity with strategy to shape seamless journeys from B2B to D2C. Our expertise extends beyond the conventional, crafting newsletters that captivate, abandoned cart flows that recover, and browse sequences that convert. Every design is a strategic move in the chessboard of customer engagement. 

We understand the diverse needs of B2B and D2C landscapes, tailoring each EDM to resonate with your unique audience. From sparking interest in newsletters to rekindling interest in abandoned carts, our designs are the visual storytellers of your brand’s success. 

Ailebo Consulting can assist with written content development, graphic elements and thematic style set up for ongoing use. Whether you engage Ailebo Consulting for an EDM branding redesign, or periodical EDM content creation, we’re here to assist your needs, in Hubspot, Klaviyo or your EDM application.

Traditional & vector illustration

Illustrations are perfect for conveying a technical concept, provide visual support for a written concept or convey a concept that would be difficult to relay with photography or graphic work. Whether you have need of a hand-drawn or vector illustration, we can assist. Contact us today to discuss your illustration requirements.

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Project Management

Whether your project is a new magazine launch, website, or mobile app, we can help you with streamlined project execution. We’re committed to delivering excellence from conceptualisation to completion. 

We specialise in strategic planning, efficient execution, and timely delivery, ensuring your projects align with business objectives and stay on budget. At Ailebo Consulting, we prioritise transparent communication, risk mitigation, and tailored solutions, recognising the uniqueness of each project.

Let us be your partner in success, orchestrating seamless project management to turn your vision into reality.

Although we don’t develop mobile apps in-house, we have trusted partners in app development, giving you peace of mind.