Guidance and understanding

Ailebo Consulting is not just a freelance design agency. Yes, we have decades of design experience, serving global through micro-businesses, but we also have an understanding of app founding, business, eCommerce, marketing and affiliate marketing. Contact Ailebo Consulting today for a free one-hour consultancy call or online meeting. Let’s uncover your project’s full potential.

Website design

Websites designed to fit your industry, business model, target demographic and budget. We have clients who don’t want volumes of website enquiries and those who do, those who want on-site payment processing and those who don’t. We have clients who want to start small with room to grow. All these needs play a significant part in selecting the right platform, strategy, content and layout. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to website design. Talk with us today about your website needs for an individual quote, or choose from one of our high-value web packages and get started today.

information design

The art of conveying information visually takes a deep immersion in the subject,
questioning, probing and teasing out the key messages until a visual interpretation emerges – an effective method of conveying the concept clearly, and appropriately developed for the publishing media … the infographic.

Social media feed design

Create engaging social meedia feeds that attract and engage your target market. We create designed feeds with exported sets of post content in sequence, ready for you to post. Minimum of 18 posts per designed post suite.

Image editing

Turn the image you have into the image you need.  With expert doctoring of photos, we can isolate subjects, reposition, change backgrounds, remove branding, place branding, mockup designs, remove wrinkles, skin blemishes and pimples, bra straps, miscellaneous objects and even people. Contact us today to get those images you need in the right resolution, dimension, file and colour format.



Cross-platform design & Branding

Spread your brand across digital, social and offline platforms such as printed merchandise for maximum reach.


Social media


Publication design

Publishing – brochures, manuals, Annual reports, newsletters & magazines. With literally thousands of printed editions under our belts, we’re well placed to deliver your print/publishing goals to finished art, print-ready format. With tried and true methods of content control, asset management, edition control and version control, we are driven to provide high-quality at low prices for growing businesses and mastheads.

Interface design

Bring your mobile and web app dreams to life. Build on our experience and contacts, and have your app developed using world class developers. We can handle the app scoping, user personas, target demographic interviews, user interface (UI) designs, user experience (UX) designs, interface prototyping. We can also manage the project build (Project Management) and handle user acceptance testing (UAT) and bug reporting.

As the founder of PicTrax, I worked tirelessly on every aspect of the app's genesis, from scoping to interface design (UI) user experience design (UX), and UAT. This transformative, experience sharing app is just one idea brought to life ... watch this space ... it's only the beginning