Obelia McCormack

Print, digital design & marketing


2018 - Present


travel photography app founder

I founded the GPS pinned travel app – PicTrax. I used Australian developers, WorkingMouse, to develop the app which has recently been released in a market viable state.

I have learned volumes though the development of this project and engagement with the start up community. I have gained experience with UX and UI design, testing and fine tuning, agile development, project management, reporting and market testing. I have also gained experience with  grant applications, R&D tax offset claims,

2017 - Present

Ailebo Consulting

Freelance design & consultancy

Client liaison with numerous clients across multiple industry sectors. Provided consultancy services and completed projects and print and digital media.


Although there have been many highlights during this time, it has been my particular pleasure to have been an instrumental factor in the transition of HorseVibes Magazine’s transition from ‘digital newsletter’ to retail magazine.

2014 - 2017


print and Digital design

After leaving NewsCorp mid 2017, the Escape travel section was transitioned to the third party design bureau, Pagemasters. I was head-hunted to re engage as the designer for this product, where I continue to work on a part-time basis today.

2014 - 2017


print and Digital design

I have been involved in many long and short term projects within NewsCorp. Predominantly engaged to work on high-end insert design across Escape, Taste, Canvas and QBM (Queensland Business Monthly) and brought in on many high-end in-house features and advertiser features due to my flexibility and ability to bring innovative solutions to the table.


A definite highlight was being nominated for an award for my 2015 Gallipoli centenary microsite, being on the winning team at the 2015 Foundry Challenge, and having been of meaningful assistance to so many talented people.

2011 - 2014

Scalable Data Systems

print and Digital design and Marketing

Involved in a wide variety of projects from web design to EDM campaigns, event management, bespoke B2B personalised marketing campaigns. Instrumental in a gold medal winning 2013 marketing campaign in the B2B category.

About me

A career designer having worked across news media, magazines, web content, microsite & interactives. I have created curated Instagram feeds, video content, highly detailed feature content, infographics and more.

I pride myself on my ability to problem solve across platforms and, after using Word, Excel and Eidos Methode in various capacities to solve a formatting issue, have been told by the former Art Director for the Courier Mail, that ‘there were maybe two people in the country who could have done what I did’.

I pride myself on finding innovative solutions, and leveraging new and existing skills to produce effective solutions to meet budgets and KPI’s.

I look forward to being a valued member of my next team.


I possess strong skills across the main Adobe Creative Cloud software packages. While most of my clients make use of my skills in InDesign, Photoshop and WordPress, they enjoy my ability to value-add through my flexibility across platforms.

Publication design 100%
Website design - CMS 95%
Advertising - Print and Digital 75%
EDM Design (Graphic Emails) 75%
Digital interactive 50%
UI/UX Design 50%
Microsites 75%
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Adobe Creative Cloud

Strong skills across the main Adobe Creative Cloud software packages. While most of my clients make use of my skills in InDesign, Photoshop and WordPress, they enjoy my ability to problem solve and my flexibility across platforms.

Photoshop 95%
InDesign 95%
Illustrator 50%
Adobe XD 50%
Dreamweaver 30%
Premiere Pro 30%
Premiere Rush 30%
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Although I have many clients who require purely digital solutions, the majority require print and digital solutions. My comprehensive knowledge of print and digital platforms allows my clients to make the most of both worlds with consistent branding and optimised assets.

WordPress 95%
Html & CSS 75%
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Social media

Creating graphic content for social media, Instagram feeds, engaging Facebook posts and successful ad campaigns

PicTrax 100%
Instagram 90%
Facebook 90%
Social media advertising 50%
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2017 - Content marketing certificate - ADMA
2017 - Digital marketing certificate - ADMA
2016 - Registration Certificate - REIQ


Lisa Chant

Group Features Manager - Pagemasters

0439 757 686

Sandra Killen

Production editor- Pagemasters

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Fiona Todd

Publisher - HorseVibes Magazine

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