Obelia McCormack - Director Ailebo Consulting

Ailebo Consulting

For high quality magazine advertising to web banners, flyers and pamphlets.

Ailebo Consulting

For high quality magazine advertising to web banners, flyers and pamphlets.


Advertising artwork can be as simple as arranging some text and images in an attractive and engagement encouraging manner or as complex as high end concept generation involving image sourcing or photo shoots, in-depth digital manipulation and multiple levels of stakeholder approval.
Ailebo Consulting can help you with your online or print advertising needs, incorporating the appropriate file types, colour formats and methodology for each medium.
From trade show banners to high end magazines, the concepts appropriate for the publishing format can be quite diverse.
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Services we offer:

  • Magazine advertising
  • Multi dimension banner advertising
  • Multi version social media adverts
  • Trade show banners
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Pamphlets and brochures
  • Flyers
  • Animated Giff banner adverts
  • Interactive adverts (for specific deployment cases only)
  • Programmatic advertising deisgn
  • Cross media advertising (branded advertising across multiple platforms from print to web)
  • If not listed, ask us today.

Advertising examples

Magazine advert across

Magazine advert concept across a DPS spread

a DPS spread

In-depth image manipulation to illustrate the desired concept

This business wanted to show the way in which their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software could improve the business’s ability to make important management decisions once true clarity was achieved. Likened to driving a car without being able to see important details. The imagery was compiled by using multitudes of hand and digitally created assets plus stock imagery.

Print advertising

Online version

Concept and branding replicated in print and online

Increase information retention and engage the limbic system’s function through repetition of branding and recognisable concepts by carrying your advertising’s branding through to multiple version and platforms.Create a promotion in print and direct your customers through to similarly branded landing pages for a professional and engaging customer experience.

Create suites of branded content for all required media sizes

Creating online adverts using the same or similar assets to create branding consistency and limbic engagement can be tricky, however using multiple sizes and therefore positions can drastically improve engagement.

Ailebo Consulting can create sets of consistently designed content to suit your goals and KPI’s. Re-using assets and creating variations can also be an inexpensive process as the design and approval process is streamlined.